brunching in sausalito

i stayed over in the city on friday night, and on saturday morning kelsey and drove across the golden gate bridge to have brunch in sausalito.

sausalito’s charm pretty much knocks me out every time i’m there. it is just so so lovely, sunny and blithe. we ate at le garage overlooking the marina full of boats.

IMG_1908IMG_1909IMG_1910 IMG_1912

as i’m sure i’ve previously noted on this blog, kelsey and i were born to brunch together. we always get a sweet and a savory and share. we are both really good at enjoying food, especially brunch.


we walked along the bridgeway and then drove across the bridge all wrapped up in fog. the towers majestically appeared just as we drove under them. we looked at each other and said incredulously, this is our life! just cruising across the golden gate bridge on a sunny saturday. that drive will never get old to me – it will always tickle my heart a bit.


when we got back into the city and started driving up and down the hills of the marina and pacific heights, i decided to pop my head out the sunroof. it was a thrill ride! my spirit was smiling so wide. kels blasted the music and i waved at amused pedestrians, the top half of me sticking right out of the top of the car.

IMG_1925IMG_1929 IMG_1934

brunch with a dear friend and sunshine in the city by the bay – healing and enlivening and splendid, indeed.

a birthday and the bay

this weekend was steph’s birthday, so kelsey and i took her out on friday night in the city for some celebratory fun. we got pedicures downtown and then walked to pier 7 just as it started to get dark. the cityscape and the bridge lit up and glimmered as the sky transformed from pastel to slate to cerulean to indigo, and the fog hung out, seemingly watching the evolution. at the end of the pier we waved some sparklers, talked about steph’s year past and year to come, and just soaked up the city we love.


we walked to north beach, making a quick stop at the famous citylights bookstore for some delightful browsing on our way to get the city’s best pizza at tony’s. i love strolling through north beach and feeling just like i am in italy. the pizza was so, so delicious! we sat outside on the sidewalk overlooking the church in washington square.


ahhh, what a magical night in the city. i love san francisco and i love steph!
happy birthday again, pretty girl!

a mothers’ day bouquet


paying tribute to my mother seems almost futile; it’s just impossible to even approach a worthy expression of admiration, adoration and appreciation. linda jacobson eyre is the most incredible woman on earth and has given me everything in her example and her love.

one of the trillion, gazillion things i am grateful to my mother for is instilling in me a love and appreciation of beauty, in all its forms. i thought of her, so surging with goodness, as i strolled through elizabeth gamble gardens in palo alto yesterday, enraptured with the glorious flora and fauna. i felt so thankful for the way she taught me to grasp, treasure and enjoy splendor. i wished i could share the flowers with her.

and so, here is a virtual bouquet for my magnificent mother:

IMG_1935IMG_1944IMG_1938IMG_1940IMG_1937 IMG_1943IMG_1945IMG_1942 IMG_1941IMG_1947

she is a marvel. she is saint. she is a goddess. and oh! i am just outrageously blessed that she is my mother.

i am also so grateful for the examples and goodness of my sisters and sister-in-laws, and of my dear friends who have recently become mothers. i am grateful for my grandmothers and my great grandmothers and all those women who came before them.

i believe so, so passionately in the power of motherhood. may we all celebrate its divinity fully today and everyday.

p.s. i want a baby


innosight institute is now officially the clayton christensen institute for disruptive innovation. and we have a shiny new website to show off our important work!

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 1.42.53 PM

about 16 months ago, on my first day as an education research assistant at innosight institute, our president ann pulled me into her office and asked me how i felt about taking on the job of managing our website redesign/redevelopment project. i said “sure!!” truly having no idea what i was getting myself into. a coworker recently said to me, “it’s like they gave you a hammer and told you to build a house.” not a bad analogy.

it has been an incredible learning experience and quite a wild ride. i delved into a foreign world, trusted my intuition, got a lot of support from an amazing team, taught myself some basic coding and how to use some new technology tools, practiced some patience and hope, and majorly built some skills around project management and negotiating contract terms. it has been at times scary and frustrating and disheartening, but i’m so truly grateful for all i’ve learned.

on wednesday, when the site went live, i was so pumped up on adrenaline. my heart was beating so fast for a few hours, realizing the culmination of nearly a year and half of work – about the same amount of time i spent as a missionary! the website still has a ways to go, but we’ve come so far and i’m really honored to have made this meaningful contribution to the world-changing work of the institute.

of course, i planned a launch party in the office for thursday morning. i brought pastries and fruit and made everyone put on a party hat. meg brought bubbly so we could make some toasts (and some lovely flowers for all of us who’ve worked on the site!). we set up the new logo backdrop we had created for our 5th anniversary gala in march.


since i only eat sweets on holidays, my boss made me a legit holiday proclamation to make sure i got to enjoy some treats to celebrate (mmmm, that was a good donut! and my coworker brought me a 1.9 lb bag of swedish fish!). i actually had already chatted with our president about how i thought i’d recognize mother’s day a few days early to allow myself to have sweets. she said that actually fit quite well because, after all, the website has pretty much been my baby.


the long-awaited day has come. hurrah, hurray! i sure have learned a lot.

throwback thursday

last weekend i had a goal to take an hour or so to organize pictures on my hard drive. of course i spent much more time than that looking at old photos and reminiscing and thinking about how quickly time passes and how rich the human experience is. it’s crazy to think about what has changed and what has stayed the same, what is remembered, what is forgotten.

ten pictures from ten springs gone by…

highschool1 320
^^10 years ago: east high dance concert^^
highschool1 287
^^9 years ago: east high spirit week^^
swellesley 357
^^8 years ago: new friends at a fancy wellesley community dinner^^
art in bloom 015
^^7 years ago: appreciating the tulips in boston’s public garden^^
^^6 years ago: in san marco piazza in venice during my post-study-abroad eurotrip^^
^^5 years ago: training a new missionary in the england’s green and pleasant land^^
^^4 years ago: continuing to see miracles everyday as a missionary^^
^^3 years ago: cruising provo canyon in the back of dani’s truck with best friends/roommates^^
Pledge Class-18
^^2 years ago: having fallen madly in love with san francisco^^
^^last year: at hong kong’s victoria peak with my all-time best friend^^

i am blessed. and i really believe that the best is truly yet to come.

sunday planning

every sunday evening, the boy and i get together and talk about things we’ve learned during the week that’s passed and what’s happening in the week to come. we never, ever get through all the things we want to talk about, but i love this time we work with together.

yesterday we went to foothills park above palo alto for planning. the sky was tumultuous and the air was blustery and alive. we sat on a bench overlooking the clear bay (we could even see the outline of san francisco’s skyline!), wrapped up in the elements.


i am so incredibly grateful for the things i am learning at this time in my life. i can sincerely feel my faith increasing, and that is miraculous and beautiful.

have a great day!


the other day i was crossing the street in the parking lot on the way to my car after work. a woman in a gold car was on her way out and i didn’t notice her until i was right in her way. she stopped quickly for me and without looking up, i waved my hand in a quick “thanks” gesture. i turned toward my car, expecting that she was probably a little annoyed that i had walked out in front of her as she tried to leave at the end of probably a long day at the office. but then i heard a voice from the car and looked over to see a bright, broad smile as she chirped, “have a great day!” out of her open window.

it just made me really happy. and made me want to be the kind of person that uplifts everyone around. sometimes it only takes a second, literally, to brighten the world around us.

thanks, random lady in the gold car! i’m paying it forward – to everyone reading: have a great day!

we’re a little obsessed

i’m going through a major frozen yogurt stage. i was so into it a couple of years ago and then my hankerings for it went slightly dormant. but within the last couple of months, the appetite has come back with a vengeance! i’ve totally got the boy hooked.

both of us are a little obsessed, which is a problem considering my no-sweets-except-on-holidays rule

photo-1 photo 

luckily yesterday we had may day to celebrate, so i got my coconut/strawberry with mochi and the boy got his guava/grapefruit with sour patch kids. it has been so so warm here lately so we sat out on a bench on twinkle-lighted university avenue to enjoy with some friends. yummmmmmmm.

more art to share

i remembered a sculpture and a poem this morning on my run. i am grateful for how my heart connects to art and how art connects to my heart.



our most important desire is to find an equal in life, a love we can  grow and become entwined with while retaining the strength to keep our own sense of self – our own rhythm. inspired by the eastern symbol of the yin yang, the lovers lay in perfect equality, but still opposites. the figures become entwined with each other in their own natural way creating a nest that is unique to their bond. the balance of sameness and difference keeps respect, compromise and empathy flowing in a circle between all connections. this balance is essential to life…and love.

-paige bradley







the little airplanes of the heart
with their brave little propellers
what can they do
against the winds of darkness
even as butterflies are beaten back
by hurricanes
yet do not die
they lie in wait wherever
they can hide and hang
their fine wings folded
and when the killer-wind dies
they flutter forth again
into the new-blown light
live as leaves

-lawrence ferlinghetti



happy may day! i feel so blessed to be alive. life is beautifully painful and painfully beautiful.

{i know monday’s post was pretty dramatic and quite cryptic. i’m not trying to be either! i’m just grateful for all the shades and depths of mortality and for the things i am learning now. despite the true ripping up inside, all is well, i am very in love, and the future holds so much promise.}

ripping up inside

she became herself with tears

i spent most of this weekend in earnest, velvet rumination. i sat on my bed for hours, the soft early summer sun slanting through the blinds, and prayed and thought and wrote and pondered. i called parents and siblings and friends and took notes on their perspectives and advice. i read old journals of my own and wise words of others and i shed some heavy, opaque tears. and in the evenings i had conversations that made me rip deep inside of myself, through all the veins and muscles and tendons of my life experience, really.

in the past few days, i have felt so harrowingly burdened and so excruciatingly enlightened. i’m continually amazed at how the good and the hard of mortality are intertwined.

is there something on my back- a-sinner-like-me

i want to share more about what i’m learning soon, but for today here are two small, golden thoughts, one from jeffrey r. holland and one from my wise sister saydi:
remember, in this world everyone is to walk by faith.
working takes less effort than doubting.

{the artwork above is by my dear childhood/teenagehood friend caitlin connolly. i’m in love with it. and below is a painting from one of my all-time favourites, brian kershisnik. i believe in those angels.}